Click here to listen to the origins of Lucius Tate in his own words.

Over the years a lot of people have asked the question, Who the hell is Lucius Tate? Ever since the mid-seventies, when copies of unmarked prank call tapes began spreading to different points all over the world, people have been asking, Who the hell was making those incredible prank phone calls? The answer, of course, must remain a secret. But for the few who know the man, and for those who have made the pilgrimmage to meet him, he has become a truly legendary figure in the world of comedy.

Though his characters have become widely known, Lucius himself prefers to remain anonymous. Lucius, Bubba, Chevelle Macaroy, Elrod Johnson, Leon, Buela, Darnell Finney, Grady, Sam Casum and many others. Each voice a distinctive personality, some so different from one another it's hard to imagine that they were made by the same person. 

Of course, there are always folks out there who don't think prank phone calls are funny. Threatening and abusive phone calls made to strangers in the middle of the night don't amuse them. They have considered some of his calls to be rascist, downright vicious, and hateful. They were not intended to be. The real life Lucius lives and works with many of the victims of his pranks. He says hello to these people on the street every day, and waves when he passes them in his car. To meet him, it's hard to put the voices on tape with the man in the flesh.... You couldn't meet a more gracious or friendly person.

So what drives this man to torment people the way he does?

I guess Lucius just loves to wake somebody up at 4 in the morning and ask them if their wife's still doin' that hoin' or to ask if they're going to pay their overdue bill for 15 pair of exotic panties. It tickles him to death. And by God it tickles us too.

If you have a slightly warped sense of humor, it's all just harmless fun.

So listen to the audio clips on this web site, order a CD, and laugh your ass off. Then write to mailto:prank.king@ymail.com and let him know how much you enjoy the havoc he's created.

Click here to listen to the origins of Lucius Tate in his own words.